Pig on the Loose on Cape Cod

"The pig doesn't want to be caught," the Barnstable animal control officer said

Police on Cape Cod are searching for a missing 125-pound pig that escaped earlier this week.

Charlie Lewis, the animal control officer in Barnstable, Massachusetts, said the pig is still on the loose in the Centerville section of town. He said the owners are aware it is missing, and several residents have reported seeing it in recent days.

"The pig doesn't want to be caught," Lewis said. "I missed it with my leash and there was a guy behind me helping out who grabbed it and wrestled it, but it got away. Another time I had it under my  net and it flipped the net and me!"

The pig's owner had apparently just gotten it from someone else in the Marstons Mills section of Barnstable, Lewis said. The owner's children were apparently playing with the pig in its pen and the gate wasn't latched properly, allowing it to escape.

The last sighting was around 11:10 a.m. Thursday. Lewis said the animal is friendly.

Anyone who sees the pig is urged to call Barnstable Animal Control at 508-790-6274.

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