Puppies, Owner Sought After Lactating Dog Found Abandoned, Emaciated

Officials are searching for the owner of a 3-year-old pit bull who was found abandoned by a passerby

Animal rescue officials in Massachusetts are searching for the person responsible for abandoning a pit bull who had recently given birth.

A passerby saw the 3-year-old dog walking along Route 9 between Worcester and Framingham and took the pooch to the Animal Rescue League’s Boston Animal Care shelter. The rescue organization said the dog, who was named "Maisel" by the organization, is lactating and is believed to have given birth recently.

Animal shelter officials have searched for the dog’s puppies but to no avail. Authorities believe the puppies were kept by the person who abandoned the pit bull.

Masiel’s condition indicates she was neglected for quite some time.

Framingham officials are working with the animal rescue to locate the puppies and find the person who abandoned the dog.

Masiel is reportedly doing well with her recovery and has even gained weight during her stay with the animal rescue. She is described as "extremely friendly."

Anyone who has information on the animal cruelty is asked to call the Animal Rescue League Law Enforcement at 617-426-9170 or Framingham Animal Control at 508-532-5870.

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