‘Dangerous Situation': District Attorney Warns Police Chiefs About Man Violating Conditions of Release

While Chris Barlow awaits trial on several serious charges, he’s not supposed to leave a Kingston, Massaschusetts home where he’s staying with a relative.

But authorities say he’s been violating the terms of his release from custody.

“Including leaving the residence, visiting shopping centers and at least one school in the Plymouth area,” said Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz.

Barlow was arrested last year, accused of illegally possessing numerous weapons as well as materials used to make bombs, and he allegedly impersonated a Homeland Security officer, as well.

The 21-year-old was being held behind bars until about two weeks ago, when he went before a judge to be reassessed, according to Cruz.

“And that judge found that Barlow was no longer a danger and denied our request that Barlow be held,” said Cruz at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Cruz has sent a letter to all 27 police chiefs in the county alerting them, saying this could be a “dangerous situation.”

Barlow is only supposed to leave the Kingston home for medical appointments, but Cruz says he’s broken those rules.

“That behavior is a violation and it is brazen conduct,” said Cruz. “It is intentional disregard of a court order.”

Despite these developments, Cruz says the judge in the case has denied his office’s request to revoke Barlow’s bail.

Cruz says Barlow has not made any threats but says due to the “challenging times,” he wants local police to be aware of what’s going on.

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