2 Kids Injured in Fireworks Accident

The holiday weekend turned tragic after two children were injured by fireworks in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood.

Nine-year-old Rasiel Carbuccia is at Boston Children's Hospital, where he is undergoing surgery. His sister, Rosa Ortiz, tells necn his hand may have been amputated in the explosion.

Carbuccia's 5-year-old neighbor, Jerry Constantine, was also hospitalized. He was taken to Mass. General Hospital with lacerations on his face and almost lost two fingers.

Thankfully, his aunt says he will make a full recovery and will not lose any fingers.

"My brother found a firework, and he was curious," said Ortiz. "He had a friend with him, and they decided to see how it worked, I guess. They turned it on and it exploded."

"It took off my brother's hand," said Ortiz. "I don't know exactly what happened to the other kid, but something with his face."

The accident happened Sunday afternoon at the corner of Woodcliff Street and Howard Avenue.

Ortiz showed necn the bloody stairway up to their apartment, where she says her brother ran, screaming for help.

"He was nervous. He kept saying he thought he was going to die, and where was his arm, and what was going to happen to his arm," she said.

The incident came after a night of celebrations, and with a stern warning from Boston Police.

Superintendent In Chief William Gross, Boston Police

"Please take a look around your homes, the streets, the parks, for any of these fireworks which may have been left behind illegally," said Superintendent in Chief William Gross. "We want to avoid any further tragedies."

Boston Police say aren't saying much about any investigation into where the fireworks were found. They're calling this a terrible accident.

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