Police: 3 Officers Attacked by Suspect

Police have arrested a Lowell, Massachusetts, man they say attacked three officers, throwing one of them down a flight of stairs.

In court Tuesday, necn learned that the defendant, 38-year-old Jesus Oscasio, has schizophrenia. He’s now being held without bail and is being sent to a psychiatric facility for a mental health evaluation.

A forensic psychologist said in court Ocasio has a history of mental illness and stopped taking his medications about a year ago. His family had been worried about his health.

“They noted that when symptomatic the defendant becomes very paranoid, frequently talks about God, makes nonsensical statements, and states that his mother often appears in his dreams and tells him to do things,” said Stephanie Hansen, the forensic psychologist.

The alleged attack on police happened on Concord Street in Lowell Monday night. Police say a driver called 911 after he honked his horn at Ocasio for staggering in the middle of the street, and then the suspect smashed the driver’s window.

“So the motorist pulled to the side of the road, got on the phone and called the police, he went up to the car and he said 'what are you doing, calling the police?' And he said 'yes,' and he punched the side view mirror and shattered that as well,” explained Captain Tim Crowley.

When a police officer arrived, he found the suspect inside his home just down the block. Investigators say Ocasio started to hit and fight with the officer, yelling at the officer to get out of his house. Police say Ocasio even threw the officer down a flight of stairs…three times.

“Nice guy, good guy, he never looked like he would do something like that," explained Raymond Gonzalez, the suspect's neighbor. "I guess I was wrong.”

More police officers arrived, two of them also hurt by the suspect when they entered his home.

In court, Ocasio, who appeared to have a black eye, was charged with several crimes, including malicious destruction of property, assault and battery on an officer, and assault with a dangerous weapon- a lit cigarette.

“I do have concerns about his abilities related to competence to stand trial,” Hansen said.

The three police officers were checked out at the hospital and were released, but two of them will need follow ups with an orthopedic specialist because of injuries to their shoulders and their arms.

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