Police: 35 Vehicles Broken Into

Police in Cohasset, Massachusetts, are investigating break-ins of 35 unlocked cars in town.

Police in Cohasset, Massachusetts, are investigating at least 35 car break-ins on Sunday.

The vehicles, which were located at 17 or more different homes in town, were broken into overnight, police said. According to police, the cars were all unlocked. Cash, credit cards and electronics were taken.

PJ and Katie Monahan found themeselves victim to the crime. Katie's wallet, containing identification, credit cards, her checkbook, and $40 in cash, was stolen. While covering this story, NECN found Katie's wallet in a neighbor's garden. Police took it away as evidence and since returned it to the Monahan's. 

"It's a huge relief," PJ said. 

Meanwhile, Cohasset Police are reminding people to lock their cars, saying that even quiet neighborhoods are not immune to these kinds of crimes. 

"These were easy targets, The vehicles were unlocked and we have to do a better job of not making ourselves victims," Deputy Chief William Quigley of the Cohasset Police Department explained.

Roads impacted by the car breaks include Old Pasture Road, Clayspring Road, Arrowwood Road, Tupelo Road, and Evergreen Lane. 


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The investigation is on-going. Anyone with information is asked to contact Cohasset Police.

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