Police: Clean Snow and Ice Off Your Cars

Police in Massachusetts are telling drivers to clean the ice and snow off their cars this winter - if not, the results could be dangerous.

One photo tweeted out by Wellesley Police Wednesday shows a vehicle with a tiny peephole scraped out of the ice on the front windshield. The driver was pulled over and cited.

This comes just hours after a driver in Lawrence was hurt Wednesday, cut in the face while driving on I-495, after snow and ice came off an unknown vehicle, smashing through the windshield.

There was also a similar situation on I-495 Wednesday in Milford.

In Belmont, another driver was rushed to the hospital - police there say it was the result of snow and ice flying off an offending car on Route 2.

"Today, we had numerous complaints of snow flying off of other vehicles, smashing through windshields, numerous vehicles have had to stop, pull over due to damage to their vehicles," explained Massachusetts State Police Trooper Paul Sullivan.

Police are not immune, either. A trooper's cruiser was struck in Worcester Tuesday by ice and snow from another driver's car.

Sullivan says the results could even be deadly.

"It could cause someone to crash if they overcorrect, or if their view is completely obstructed, they can crash off the road," he said.

State police say offenders are usually issued a citation for an unsecured load, but it can rise to a criminal offense, depending on the circumstances.

Police are warning drivers that it's not a choice to clean their cars.

"They need to remember they are responsible for that," Sullivan said.

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