2 Dead in Police Chase Crash in Massachusetts

Two people are dead after a police chase in Brockton ends tragically in Avon, Massachusetts.

The Norfolk County District Attorney's Office has identified the victims as Matthew Andrade and Denise Moreira, both 21 years old from Brockton.

Matthew Andrade's father, Jose Andrade, tells necn his son was trying to find a job, and do better for himself. Sadly, he will never get that chance.

Instead, there are roses to mark the spot where he and Moreira lost their lives early Monday morning.

Andrade leaves behind his mother and father, an older sister, and two younger sisters.

"My brother was always there for me," said his sister, Melanie Andrade. "I'm going to miss him a lot."

"He would always light up your spirit even if you were down," said her littler sister Marilyn.

Authorities say Andrade was one of five people inside the black Nissan that crashed into a telephone pole Monday morning on West Main Street in Avon.

Ashley Sturtevant's uncle heard the crash.

"A white light and everything like blew up like an explosion and then he just heard screaming," Sturtevant said.

Other neighbors even saw the aftermath.

"There was a body right over there at end of my driveway," said David Ballum.

The District Attorney's Office says it all started when Brockton Police responded to a vehicle sounding it's horn in a neighborhood. The driver took off, and police followed, but lost sight of the car before it crashed around 2:30 Monday morning.

Andrade and Moreira died at the scene.

Andrade's father says his son loved music and was trying to get back on the right track.

"He has a lot of talent and he was trying to use his talent and I wish he had a chance to do that," Jose Andrade said.

We don't yet know why the driver was running from police, and Andrade's family doesn't either, but they hope it's a lesson for others, a lesson they've had to learn the hardest way.

"It's like a hole in my heart and that hole will not be fixed," Marilyn said.

The driver and the two other passengers are expected to survive.

Necn has been told there will likely be charges in this case.

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