Police Cruiser Involved in Crash in Cohasset, Massachusetts

The accident occurred on Friday morning

A Cohasset, Massachusetts, police cruiser was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Friday morning.

According to the department, Officer John Harrington was traveling South on Route 3A in Hingham, Mass., near Fottler Road when he was hit by another vehicle.

Cohasset Cruiser MVA 1
Cohasset Police Department

The 2014 GMC Arcadia was traveling North on 3A and attempted to take a left turn onto Fottler Road.

The Cohasset cruiser, a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, was totaled, the Arcadia sustained substantial damaged.

Cohasset Cruiser MVA 2
Cohasset Police Department

Officer Harrington and the operator of the other car were transported to South Shore Hospital, both with minor injuries.

Cohasset Chief William Quigley released a statement on behalf of the department.

He said, "We are very thankful that our officer and the other driver were not seriously injured. We are also thankful for the fast professional response by the Hingham Police and Fire Departments."

The Hingham Police Department is investigating the crash.

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