Police: Don't Approach Escaped Goat

A goat that escaped from Tewksbury, Massachusetts, is still on the lam after a romp through Lowell inspired the creation of a Twitter page.

A goat that has been on the lam for days in Massachusetts is still out there, and Lowell Police have a message for anyone who sees it: do not approach the animal.

The goat escaped from Tewksbury Friday and spent the night running around Lowell, outrunning police.

The chase inspired a Twitter handle, professing to be the goat, which has been exchanging words with Lowell Police.

The police department explains to the public that the goat is 200 pounds and has full horns.

"Although goats are normally docile animals, in stressful situations, such as being loose in unfamiliar territory, he possibly can become scared and resort to attacking in a survival mode," said Lowell Police in a statement.

As of 7 p.m. Monday, the goat remains at large.

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