Police: Groomer Receiving Threats Not to Blame in Dog's Death

A Massachusetts grooming business is receiving death threats after a dog that was in its care passed away, though police say the company is not to blame.

Whitman Police say the owner of a dog, Bailey, had accused K-9 Groomers in the animal's death.

Police responded and investigated, explaining that while they can't determine an absolute cause of the animal's death, there is no reason to believe the groomers acted improperly.

"There has been no indication of abuse or neglect by K-9 Groomers," Whitman Police said in a press release. "There is no indication that K-9 Groomers acted negligently or recklessly in their treatment of Bailey."

People, however, did not wait until the end of that investigation to respond to the company, police say.

"The rush to judgement and attacks directed at K-9 Groomers through social media as well as phone calls to the business is very disturbing," police wrote. "They have even received death threats as a result of Bailey's death."

Police extended their condolences to the dog's family.

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