Police: Heroin Dealer Hid Drugs in Kids' Playground

Nicholas Yeaton is facing multiple charges

Police in Abington, Massachusetts, said they arrested a heroin dealer this week who was storing his drugs inside a children's play structure.

Nicholas Yeaton, 32, of 65 Linwood St., is charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin and distribution of heroin. He was arraigned on Wednesday morning in Brockton District Court.

Police said it all started when a detective saw a hand-to-hand heroin sale taking place in a Walmart parking lot on Tuesday and one of those subjects admitted to buying heroin from Yeaton. Armed with that information, police arranged for another heroin purchase with Yeaton, which was to take place in his backyard.

Several police officers then proceeded to Yeaton's home and found him standing in complete darkness in the side yard, waiting for the buyer to arrive.

Police moved in, secured Yeaton and searched the area, where they found heroin that was being hidden within a large children's plastic pirate ship that was located in a children's play area in the backyard.

A search of the apartment where Yeaton lives with a woman and two children uncovered 10 more grams of heroin. In all, 13 grams of heroin and $330 in cash were seized.

The state Department of Children and Families was notified due to the presence of children in close proximity to the drug operation.

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