Police in Weston, Massachusetts, Release Photo of Member of ‘Felony Lane Gang'

Police around New England are encouraging people to be on the lookout for a nationwide group of thieves.

Police in Weston, Massachusetts, have released a photo of a woman, saying she's a member of the "Felony Lane Gang," which is based out of Florida.

Authorities in Weston say several cars have been broken into in the area with wallets and checks stolen. Some have been cashed for as much as $6,500.

According to the Boston Herald, the woman is also believed to be connected to break-ins in Braintree, Foxboro, and Pelham, New Hampshire.

The newspaper also reports the "Felony Lane Gang" is a nationwide ring of fraudsters who enlist drug addicts and prostitutes. 

If anyone can identify the woman in this photo, please contact detectives at: (781) 786-6200.

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