Police Increasing Patrols After Haverhill Shooting

Police in Haverhill are increasing patrols after a shooting occurred at a sports field where kids play.

Swasey Field is a popular spot for baseball, basketball and other sports. In fact, young teenagers were playing baseball at Swasey field when two people were shot nearby Saturday. Now, police are parked right next to me where kids play.

"This is where I bring him. We play here, love it here."

"It's really scary. It's scary."

Now, this weekends' little league games are now cancelled. And police are gathering where parents once did, guarding the area during games.

"Those officers will include officers on foot, offices on bicycle, we start bicycle patrols next week. Officers on our ATV vehicles."

If and when little league games resume at Swasey Field, patrols will be present.

Police are still investigating who was behind the violence, which was all caught on camera.

"I'm very confident that shortly we will have perpetrators in custody."

For now though, parents are still concerned.

"I can't even deal with the fact that people would put us in danger, it's not ok."

The victims shot Saturday are being treated for non-life threatening injuries. Apart from increasing patrols, police are also adding more surveillance around the park.

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