Police Officer Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver in Worcester, Massachusetts

The search is on for a vehicle after a police officer was struck in the leg by a hit-and-run driver in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

The officer, who had been directing traffic at a worksite, was hit by a car Wednesday morning at Grafton and Franklin streets.

"We didn't really even get to see the vehicle, it happened so fast," said Ricciardi Brothers construction worker John Current.

Current says he was standing by the open hole of the water main they're working on on Grafton Street in Worcester Wednesday morning when he realized the police officer working the detail directing traffic had been struck by a car that then took off.

"All I saw was the officer kind of hobble over, I was next to the hole, I ran up to him, just to try to help him up, walk him away, get him out of the roadway and that was about it, he called in for a supervisor and then an ambulance came and took him away," Current said.

Worcester police say the unnamed officer was transported to UMass Medical Center with a left leg injury that was not considered serious.

Investigators say the driver of the car, described as a dark colored sedan, may have been affected by solar glare, and may have thought the car struck a construction cone.

But police would still like the person to come forward to sort this out.

Current said, "They were obviously confused, something, I don't know what they were confused about, the traffic was flowing fine, but why they did it - that's - don't know."

Worcester police confirm the injured Worcester police officer has been released from the hospital. They ask anyone with any information on this hit and run to give them a call.

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