Cops: 4 Questioned in Bottle Bombs Investigation

Several of the bottle bombs have been found in the area of Franklin and Valley streets

Police say four youths are being interviewed after plastic bottle acid bombs, one of which was found in a person's mailbox, were found in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Several of the bottle bombs were found in the area of Franklin and Valley streets. A witness contacted police to report a group of youths running from the area.

Police tracked down the youths and say one youth watched a YouTube video instructing on how to create a bomb. They believe the act appears to be a prank on an acquaintance.

Acid bombs like this can be very dangerous and Duxbury authorities are asking anyone who finds one to stay away and just call 911.

Fire Chief Kevin Nord said, "There's a lot of danger when these devices are being prepped in someone's kids bedroom or basemen or kitchen or outdoors in the shed, Very dangerous."

All of the suspects are juvenile and will not be identified. The investigation is ongoing and anyone determined to be responsible will face charges in juvenile court.

If you have any information you’re asked to contact Duxbury Police at 781-934-5656.

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