Bicyclist Dies After Being Hit by Truck

The bicyclist, identified as 27-year-old Amanda Phillips of Cambridge, passed away from her injuries

A bicyclist has died from her injuries after a crash with a landscaping truck in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Police say the crash happened in Inman Square on Cambridge Street just after noon on Thursday.

The bicyclist, identified as 27-year-old Amanda Phillips of Cambridge, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. Shortly after 8:30 p.m., the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office confirmed that she had passed away.

There is no bike lane where Phillips was hit. Fellow bicyclists say the intersection is a dangerous one.

"Cyclists have to realize we weigh 200 pounds. The car weighs 4,000," said Mike McClellan. "It's not a competition."

The driver of the landscaping truck, which stopped after the crash, is cooperating with police. A man from the company had no comment.

Police add that an SUV may have been involved in the crash after it was found on scene with one of its doors open, and investigators are looking into whether the bicyclist crashed into the door or if she rode around it.

That SUV's driver was traumatized by the incident, a patrol officer told necn.

An MBTA bus was not involved in the crash, but police say the driver is a witness.

Traffic was diverted around Inman Square as police investigated the crash.

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