Police Save Girl, 4, Not Breathing

Her family credits two Boston Police officers for saving her life after she suddenly stopped breathing Saturday.

Quick thinking by both her mother and two Boston Police officers likely saved 4-year-old Kyeesha Thompson’s life Saturday night.

Kyeesha’s mother, Vercheesa Thompson, ran out to flag down a passing police car after her daughter suddenly stopped breathing. While she called 911, Thompson knew there was no time to waste.

“Her lips were blue and she wasn’t responding,” she told necn. “I was screaming her name.”

Thompson saw a paddy wagon passing by her home and flagged down the officers -- Vladimir Levichev and Thuan Lai -- for help.

The officers rushed into the Dorchester home and administered CPR. Kyeesha came to and was rushed to an area hospital.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to try to resuscitate this baby,” Levichev told necn Tuesday. “Biggest fear of my career.”

For now, Kyeesha remains in the hospital, but is doing better -- and her mother couldn’t be happier.

“We’re a family, wouldn’t have been a family what if God forbid something was to happen to Kyeesha,” he said.

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