Abducted 2-Year-Old Found With Head Shaved; Arrest Made

Police executed a search warrant at the girl's home on Friday afternoon

A 2-year-old Massachusetts girl who went missing Friday morning was found naked with her head shaved, according to the witnesses who found her.

The young girl, identified as Lyndon Albers, was hospitalized and is listed in fair condition. She was discovered alone by the side of the road in Rowley, near the Ipswich line, about seven miles from her Hamilton home.

Saturday morning, Hamilton Police announced the arrest of the child's former babysitter, Abigail Hanna, 21, of Topsfield, Massachusetts. Hanna faces kidnapping, assault and breaking and entering charges. Hanna, who police said abducted the child, is being held without bail. 

The child's parents, Tim and Joanie Albers, tell police they saw her in the home around 3 a.m., but by 7 a.m., she was gone and they called 911.

Police searched her family's home on Lincoln Avenue starting Friday afternoon. Investigators were in and out of the home, using flashlights to search the garage.

A missing 2-year-old girl from Hamilton, Massachusetts, has been found alive.

"It is being treated obviously as a crime scene in an abundance of caution until we know more about exactly what happened so if it does turn out to be a criminal act then we've preserved that evidence, we've taken all the proper steps so we can pursue a prosecution in that case," said Massachusetts State Police spokesperson David Procopio. "But we're not at the point to say exactly what it is yet."

State police assisted local police in the search for the young girl with air-wing units, K9 units and detectives. Police say an Amber Alert was in the process of being issued before Lyndon was located.

Lyndon Albers was spotted just inches off Newbury Road by two people on their way to work. The couple who found her said her head appeared to be bruised.

Lyndon Albers, a 2-year-old girl who went missing from Hamilton, Massachusetts, Friday morning, was discovered naked with her head shaved, according to the witnesses who found her.

At first, Tom and Marge Crosby thought Albers was a little boy because her head had been shaved. She was naked and covered in leaves.

"I wrapped her up and I put her in my car because it was warm, because she was just sitting there shivering," said Tom Crosby. "I was caring for the child my wife was on the phone with 911."

Though they were aware of the news that Albers was missing, the Crosbys didn't learn until later that they had found her.

Investigators still don't know how she got there.

Missing Child Found After Search

Police say parents should not be concerned for their children's safety. But many people in the area are concerned and shocked by the news.

"I couldn't believe it. Things like this don't happen in our neighborhood," one neighbor told necn.

"There's just no reason to suspect anything weird from that family, or anybody that seems in be in and around that home," said Peter Nichols.

"I've had children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and I think that's the worst fear that we all have, anything missing or anything with our children," neighbor June Nichols said.

Neighbors say this was a loving and stable family, but they doubt the child wandered off alone.

"Must have been someone that knew them, on the inside - knew where to go, how to do it," said Nichols. "I can't even imagine them being associated with someone that would be that type of person.

One neighbor tells necn he was considered a person of interest in the case for a short time Friday because he had done some work on the family's house. He was questioned and submitted a DNA sample before being allowed to return home.

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