‘I Was Very Scared': 8-Year-Old Boy Describes Getting Lost in Blue Hills Reservation

Jude Smith, of Norwell, Massachusetts, was missing for over two hours

The child who went missing for over two hours in the Blue Hills Reservation outside of Boston on Monday exclusively tells NBC10 Boston he was very scared during the ordeal.

Eight-year-old Jude Smith, of Norwell, Massachusetts, was reported missing just after noon on Monday.

Jude Smith's mom, Christine Smith, said they were at the reservation for a family outing.

"All the kids going up the trail and he just got ahead of us," she said.

Jude Smith got lost off the Red Dot Trail, as the family was on its way down after taking a picture at the observatory.

Jude Smith was nowhere to be found for two-and-a-half hours.

Massachusetts State Police and park rangers scoured the 7,000-acre state park that covers six communities.

A Good Samaritan came across the lost boy and brought him to a K-9 unit. Jude Smith was evaluated by paramedics as a precaution but he is okay.

"I was just going up the hill to see if anybody was coming down to see if they could help me, and there was and they helped me," he said.

Jude Smith shook each person's hand, very grateful to have been found. 

The boy who will be entering third grade in the fall says he would like to say "thank you" to those who helped find him.

Christine Smith says she couldn't have pictured a better outcome without their help.

"And we're just so grateful for the generous resources and support through the ordeal," she said.

"Great job by MSP and @MassDCR and a good ending," state police tweeted out following Jude Smith's safe return.

Christine Smith adds they plan on doing something else to thank the first responders before summer break is over.

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