Suspect Sought After Teen Girls Accousted on the Way to School

Worcester police are investigating two separate reported incidents on Apricot Street Wednesday morning

BREAKING UPDATE: The Worcester County DA's Office says a suspect accused of accosting three young female students on their way to school on Wednesday morning has been arrested.

All three incidents happened between 7:15 and 8:15 a.m. on Apricot Street. Two of the victims are sophomores at South High School, and the third is an eighth grader at Sullivan Middle School.

In each attack, the suspect came up from behind and grabbed the students.

Police say during the first incident, a student at South High School reported that a man ran up behind her while she was walking and grabbed her from behind. She fought back, and the man ran away, according to police. 

The second incident involved the eighth grade student at Sullivan Middle School, who said a man stopped her as she was walking and said, "You're coming with me." The 14-year-old girl refused and the man grabbed her arms, but the girl punched the man several times before he ran away into a wooded area.

The third girl said the stranger dragged her into the woods.

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