Police: Suspicious Man Slapped Woman in Braintree, Mass.

Someone matching the description of a suspicious man who followed women in Braintree, Massachusetts, slapped a woman from behind on Tuesday, according to police.

Braintree Police had warned people Monday night of a man following women near Watson Park. In one case, the man allegedly assaulted a woman.

The following morning, a 21-year-old Braintree woman reported that she was assaulted from behind, just as a 29-year-old victim name Kayla said happened to her over the weekend.

"I screamed and he just ran off after that, and that's when a neighbor came out and he kind of helped me through it and then I called the cops," Kayla told necn Monday.

In total, three women have reported being followed and/or assaulted in the area. The man was previously described as a tall man in a white T-shirt and black shirts. One woman described him as neatly cut and shaven.

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