Police Warn Against Winter Weather Scams

Scammers are preying on the elderly and demanding thousands of dollars for roof clearing services

Police in Bedford, Massachusetts, want the public to know that there is a group of scammers preying on the elderly. The scammers are promising to clean off roofs, but are demanding thousands in return.

Many New Englander’s are worried about their roofs right now. It may be tempting to do business if confronted with a door-to-door offer, especially with all the snow, but police urge people to use caution.

They'll go up and do the work, quote you one price, come back and say it's another price.

The group of scam artists is doing it in Bedford, Lexington, and Concord. So far at least ten homeowners have been cheated out of thousands of dollars.

Sara Angus's husband fell for their scheme. She was at work when they came to her door.

“I said what's happening and he said we needed our roof done, and then I realized how much he had paid for it,” said Angus.

The two men left their ladder at the Angus’ home and returned for it two days later, but demanded more money.

“They asked for another check. So it was almost $3,000,” Angus added.

“It sickens me that there are people out there doing that right now,” said Shawn Carlson.

Carlson has been doing snow removal all winter.

“What should it cost? A house like that? Maybe $150- $200 if you're really trying to make a buck,” Carlson said.

Police say these men have targeted Bay State seniors before.

Police also say the men are from Maine, don't have a work license, and drive a gray pick-up truck. If they come to your door, you're asked to contact Bedford police.  

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