Police Warn of Driver Who Threatened Officers in Massachusetts

The driver posted a video online threatening police

Police in Massachusetts are warning people of a driver who posted video online threatening officers.

Footage obtained by necn shows a driver taking cell phone video as he follows an ambulance in Stoughton. The driver appears to make threats.

The driver then pulls up alongside the ambulance.

Florian Berges says the driver signaled to roll down his window.

"It was a little scary," said Berges.

The incident was enough to prompt state police to issue a statement that the man taking the video, whom they identify as a resident of Boston's Dorchester neighborhood, has tweeted several threats against police, fire and paramedics.

The Twitter account the driver allegedly used to post the video has now been made private, but the video is circulating among members of law enforcement.

At Brewster Ambulance, whose crew was followed, they're on heightened alert.

The ambulance crew called police, and officers stopped the driver to question him. No charges have been filed at this point.

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