Potholes Line Boston’s Streets

Potholes are taking over Boston's streets.

"Everywhere you go, there's one or two or three," said Ian Loza.

Who better to complain than the drivers who fall victim to massive holes? More than 16,000 have been reported on the city's website. While a number have been sealed, drivers are posting about new tire and rim damagers at least three times an hour.

"It's just a byproduct of the weather," said Sam Pagavore. "Nothing much you can do about them. Let them happen and then they fill them, and go back to normal, hopefully."

Mayor Marty Walsh says his city crews are doing everything they can to seal the potholes in Boston. He says he's had 30 workers out, but they are battling against the weather.

"Yesterday, we used 83,000 tons of asphalt to fill potholes," he said. "Today, we had that we had to stop by my job because of snow."

As the snow continues to fall, there will be more potholes popping up around Boston. Mayor Walsh says to report those as soon as you see them on the streets.

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