Prosecutors Reflect on Hernandez Trial

Now that Aaron Hernandez is a convicted killer, Bristol County District Attorney Tom Quinn is reflecting on what has been the biggest case of his career.

Prosecutors were wrapped up in this case for three months from start to finish. With dozens of witnesses and hundreds of exhibits, they say it didn't matter that the judge didn't let the jury consider some of the most damning evidence.

Prison officials tell necn Hernandez, like all inmates arriving in Walpole, would receive scrubs, underwear, sneakers, toiletries and pen and paper. He'll be interviewed and assessed. After his evaluation, he'll move to the maximum security prison in Shirley.

Hernandez will be in Shirley for about two years. At that point, depending on a number of factors, including his behavior behind bars, he could move to a medium-security prison. But inmates convicted of first-degree murder do not move to minimum-security facilities.

Until his sentencing, Hernandez was under the authority of Bristol County. Sheriff Tom Hodgson told necn Hernandez exhibited sociopathic characteristics.

According to Hodgson, Hernandez also told transport officials who had brought him to court everyday, "I'll miss you guys" and "They got it wrong," in reference to the jury’s decision.

The case against Hernandez in Bristol county could have some influence on his next trial in Boston for 2012 double murder, making jury selection even more difficult.

A trial date hasn't been set yet for that double murder case in Suffolk county.

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