Quiet After a Day-Long Storm

The day-long snowstorm translated into a day full of work for plow drivers

The day-long snowstorm meant a day filled of work for plow drivers like Nick Pappas. "I've probably been out here for 10 hours now," he said. And he says he still has plenty more work ahead- after Mother Nature delivered a wintery mix to the area that's also difficult to clean up.

"It's wet it's very slippery snow," said Pappas. "We had that coating of rain in between so I've been up for a long time trying to keep up with it."

Drivers are still having difficulty navigating slippery streets as city crews reload with supplies as they try to keep up.

Jon Langlois arrived in town Friday for the weekend and says he couldn't be happier with the timing of his drive. "We're glad we got up yesterday and so we don't have to drive today," he said. "Some people have to commute from hotels and back but luckily we're across the street so can't complain."

For plow drivers like Pappas and stores like Jerry's Hardware, even a little snow late in the winter goes a long way."It's good for business business has been very good today and hopefully tomorrow will be just as good," said Tom Pechinis.  

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