Quincy, Mass. Police Growing and Donating Tomatoes to Local Food Pantry

The Quincy, Massachusetts, Police Department started growing tomatoes to help community members in need.

The tomato garden is on roof of the police department.

"We're starting to see the fruit of our labor, shall we say," said Karyn Barkas, a detective with the department.

Barkas added, "We feel good about. Giving back a little bit to our community, people that need it."

Gardens like the Quincy PD's is helping to provide fresh produce to organizations such as the Interfaith Social Services, whose food pantry serviced 18-thousand people last year.

Food pantry manager of Interfaith Social Services, Pam Harty, said, "While we distribute 850 thousand pounds of food, it's hard to get a reliable source of fresh produce."

Local farmers gave out seeds for free, in order to help bring food to kitchens on the south shore.

"We're grateful that people donated and we were able to take the opportunity and do some good for our community," said Harty.

The organization is always looking for fresh produce. If you're interested in donating, you can head over to www.necn.com and find out how you can or visit their website at www.InterfaithSocialServices.org.

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