Raccoon on the Loose in Nantucket

The animals aren't usually found on the island

A rascally raccoon has made its way to the island of Nantucket, prompting police to issue an alert and inspiring the creation of a mock Twitter account.

Nantucket Police sent out a tweet just before noon on Friday alerting residents that a raccoon had been seen in the area of Orange Street by Marine Home Center. The animal control officer and Massachusetts Environmental Police are working to trap the animal. Anyone who sees it is urged to call police at 508-228-1212.

Because it is separated from the mainland, Nantucket doesn't typically have any raccoons. It also doesn't have any skunks, foxes or coyotes, although there are plenty of deer, rabbits and other, smaller rodents.

Less than an hour after Nantucket Police sent out their alert, a "Nantucket Raccoon" Twitter account surfaced.

As of 1:30 p.m. Friday, the digitally-savvy critter had already sent out 24 mostly-misspelled tweets, photoshopping itself at various island locations.

"im not scary actualee vary friendly and cuddly," one tweet reads.

"do u has #nantucket bike tours specifically for one foot tall mammal?" read a tweet directed at Nantucket Bike Tours. "any is fine, just not by @NantucketPolice station."

In response to the Nantucket Police tweet urging people to call if they spot the animal, the Nantucket Raccoon account tweeted "no come hug me and maybe we can watch netflix or sumthing i am v cuddly."

Check back later - we'll do our very best to keep you up to date on the elusive raccoon's wherabouts.

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