Authorities Investigate Alleged Mistreatment of Students at Randolph Elementary School

Officials at a Randolph, Massachusetts elementary school say personnel has been placed on leave amid allegations of mistreating students.

Several parents have called regarding allegations that personnel has mistreated students at a John F. Kennedy Elementary School classroom.

Interim Superintendent Thea Stovell said in a letter sent to parents on Friday that the allegations were "deeply concerning" and the school district has launched an investigation.

Although Stovell clarified the allegations pointed to mistreatment of nonsexual nature, she did not detail what those accusations were.

"Whenever there is an allegation that a teacher violates the trust and responsibility given to them by parents of the children placed in our care, we take this matter very seriously," Stovell said in the letter.

A school employee and whistleblower told NBC10 Boston she witnessed a teacher verbally and physically abusing special needs students multiple times.

The teacher would "grab the little girl, pushing her and yelled at her, like "Stop it. You ruined my day,' every day. 'I have to go have my lunch, I never have time for my lunch.' I was like 'Wow,'" Magdalini Stamboulipis said. "It's a special kid, you can't touch them. You can't yell at them. You can't throw them. You are a teacher."

Randolph police are investigating the allegations in conjunction with the Department of Children and Families.

Stovell did not name the personnel involved in the allegations. The investigation is ongoing.

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