Randolph Police Officer Arrested Outside His Home For Allegedly Interfering With Firefighters’ Response to Blaze

Glenn Frazier, a 24-year veteran of the Randolph Police Department, allegedly interfered with officials as they battled a vehicle fire outside his home

A Massachusetts police officer has been placed on administrative leave after he was arrested outside his Brockton home for allegedly interfering with officials battling a fire.

Randolph Police Officer Glenn Frazier, 53, was arrested on Sunday while off-duty, according to a statement from Randolph police. 

While patrolling the streets Sunday night, a Brockton police sergeant noticed a few small fires on the ground on Division Street. Witnesses directed the official in the direction of Division and Fairmount streets, where a man later identified as Frazier was seen trying to douse a car fire with a garden hose.

A gray Tahoe was engulfed in flames shooting at least 10 feet in the air in a driveway outside a home on 39 Fairmount Ave., according to officials. The police sergeant removed the hose from Frazier and directed him to a safer area away from the flames.

The cause of the fire was unclear, but surveillance footage from the nearby Petro Save gas station shows an SUV going by with flames coming from the front of the car.

Frazier, a 24-year veteran of the Randolph Police Department, attempted to get back into his home and was unsteady on his feet, authorities said. Police and a good Samaritan attempted to get the suspect away from the house, but Frazier resisted and allegedly said he was fine despiting having had "only" five drinks.

Meanwhile, the fire began to spread and melt the vinyl siding of the house. Officials directed Frazier to stay across the street as they battled the flames, but he allegedly intervened.

Authorities said Frazier defied more than 20 attempts to stay clear from the scene.

As a result, police arrested him.

In a mugshot released by the Brockton Police Department, Frazier was seen with what appeared to be fresh cuts and bruises on his face.

Frazier was charged with interfering with a firefighter, interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest. He will remain on leave through the end of the Brockton police investigation. It's unclear if he has an attorney.

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