Readers React to Boston Globe's “Make it Stop” Gun Violence Editorial

The editorial was featured on the front page of the paper on Thursday morning

On Thursday morning the Boston Globe released an editorial entitled "Make it Stop" to raise awareness about gun violence.

The article, which features statistics and other facts, has received widespread attention on social media, with readers arguing both side of the gun legislation argument.

Some Twitter users tweeted at each of the six senators individually who the article cites as "standing in the way" of reform.

Others simply supported the Globe's story and shared the article with other Twitter users.

However, many readers did not support the Globe's editorial.

Trisha Costello commented on the necn Facebook page and said, "oh yeah because that'll stop the problem..."

Dave Gianino said he did not want to give up his right to own a gun and said, "don't be so willing to turn over your rights or mine based on scare tactics."

The Globe has been tweeting the names and ages of those who have been killed by guns since 2004, when the assault weapons ban expired.

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