Missing Parrot Who Can Say ‘E=MC2' Sought by Owner

The talkative pet can reportedly say her own name and "E=MC2, Dr. Einstein"

If you come across a stray parrot who calls you "beautiful," chances are she belongs to a Massachusetts woman who is searching for her missing pet.

"Lolita" the yellow-crested Amazon parrot was last seen on Sunday, according to WJAR. The wayward bird took off after her owner’s neighbors spooked her by trying to help catch her with a net when she flew onto their porch in Rehoboth.

Since Lolita does not have clipped wings, she is reportedly able to fly anywhere.

The bird’s owner, Kella Woodard, pleaded on Facebook for locals to be on the lookout for her beloved pet. She asks people to shout the bird’s name in a high pitched voice to see if Lolita responds.

WJAR reports the talkative pet can say various phrases. She can reportedly introduce herself by saying her own name, say "E=MC2, Dr. Einstein" and can imitate Woodard’s laugh.

Anyone who spots Lolita is asked to message Woodard on Facebook.

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