Report: Boston Latin Did Not Adequately Handle Racial Incident

African American leaders in Boston are not happy with the findings of a new report on the way Boston Latin handled the controversy surrounding racial comments.

The Boston Public Schools' report released Thursday night says administrators at Boston Latin did not adequately handle a racial matter; the finding comes after the department's Office of Equity had completed its internal investigation.

After reviewing all reports to school administrators of incidents with students related to race and ethnicity between November 2014 through January 2016, the investigation found seven incidents and determined one was not handled according to internal policy.

"'Adequate' does not mean 'equitable,'" Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson said. "'Adequate does not mean 'acceptable.'"

Investigators say the administration did not sufficiently look into a matter from November 2014 involving a non-black student who made a threatening comment about lynching to a black female while also using a racial slur. Officials say that while Boston Latin officials did discipline the student, they failed to notify his parents and the parents of the targeted student, and added they did not take appropriate steps to ensure her support and safety even after her family became involved.

The department became involved last month after a group of students raised the issue of racist behavior at the school and the administration's alleged lack of discipline for it.

Their action is something the superintendent is praising.

The office has submitted a number of recommendations to the superintendent on how to improve protocols at the school as well as improve the culture there, including training for students and administrators across the district in racial awareness.

It did not detail whether any administrators would be disciplined. 

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