Pollution in Massachusetts Worsens, Air Quality Decreased Compared to Last Year: Report

A report by the American Lung Association shows eight of 12 counties in the Bay State have had worse pollution than last year

Massachusetts’ air quality has decreased and a report shows several counties in the Bay State have had worse pollution compared to last year.

The American Lung Association’s annual “State of the Air” report found eight out of 12 reporting counties in the Bay State have recorded more bad ozone days. The report tracks Americans’ exposure to pollution.

The report analyzes smog and soot through average particle pollution levels and short-term spikes in the agitators. Both pose danger to our lungs, cardiovascular health and reproductive well being, according to ALA.

Hampden, Hampshire, Barnstable and Bristol counties decreased in quality in connection to smog compared to last year and earned Fs in the most recent report. Suffolk, Worcester, Plymouth and Dukes counties also received lower grades, going from Cs to Ds.

As for soot, Pittsfield made the Top 25 list for cleanest year-round particle pollution.

An ALA official blamed climate change and emissions from power plants for the reduced quality air.

"In addition to challenges here in Massachusetts the 20th-anniversary ‘State of the Air’ report highlights that more than 4 in 10 Americans are living with unhealthy air, and we’re heading in the wrong direction when it comes to protecting public health," said Elizabeth Hamlin-Berninger, ALA director of advocacy in Massachusetts.

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