Republican National Convention Kicks Off, Mass. Delegates Among Attendees

Massachusetts delegates excited about the possibility of Melania Trump being First Lady

The Republican National Convention is underway in Cleveland, Ohio, and Massachusetts delegates are among the many in attendance.

Before presumptive nominee Donald Trump took the stage to introduce his wife Melania on Monday night, Massachusetts Republican Party chair Kirsten Hughes got a laugh from the state delegation as she talked about the headliner.

"We're going to have Melania trump," said Hughs. "Beautiful, beautiful. I know, I've got my spanx ready for that."

And while Melania Trump has stayed out of the public spotlight throughout the campaign, there has been great interest and intrigue in what she was going to say.

"I think she's incredible," said Jenny Bruce.

Bruce is a Massachusetts delegate who couldn't wait to hear from the woman she believes is the future first lady.

"I also admire that she came to this country through all the proper channels, 100 percent legal," Bruce said. "She followed the book. And this is something that i did too. So i can relate to that 100 percent and i totally admire her and she will make a terrific first lady and she is beautiful."

General Manager of Trump Winery, Kerry Woolard, is focusing on Donald Trump's relationship with women and her experience working for the businessman.

"I'm really here just to talk to you about the Donald Trump that I know," said Woolard. "I've never once in five years been treated unfairly, disrespectfully, in any way that would be unbecoming."

Trump has repeatedly come under fire for his remarks about women. But Massachusetts Delegate Arete Pascucci has a different opinion.

"Thirty years ago, his first executives were females," Arete said. "They were very high-paid, they were very well-treated, and very well-respected by this man."

Trump's poll numbers among women have been low and Pascuci hopes female voters will look beyond what she sees as misrepresentations by the media.

"When he said he was thinking of running, I said I'm going to jump on board because I believe in him," Arete said.

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