Riders React to the MBTA Fare Hikes

The fare hikes take effect July 1

The MBTA raised fares on July 1 and many riders were unhappy.

Riders who use Charlie Cards and single rides on local buses will see their fares increase anywhere from 10 cents to $1.70.

Single subway riders will see their fares increase by 15 cents to $2.25.

The commuter rail fares will increase by as much as a dollar in some zones, others will have no increase.

The monthly LinkPass fare will increase from $75 to $84.50, a $9.50 increase.

7-day passes will increase anywhere from $2.25 to $21.25.

Many riders took to social media to share their frustrations with the fare increases.

The majority of riders were frustrated that the fares were increasing when their service on the MBTA is unreliable.

Carter Hubert posted on the necn Facebook page and said "how about improving your services before raising your prices?"

Others shared their frustrations on Twitter.

Remember you can Grade the MBTA by using the hashtag #GradeTheMBTA on Twitter. 

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