Rob Gronkowski Surprises School Kids, Teaches Them ‘Gronk Spike’

The Patriots tight end visited a Massachusetts school on Tuesday

New England Patriots

Popular New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski paid a surprise visit to a Massachusetts school on Tuesday, teaching kids how to do the "Gronk Spike" and taking selfies too.

Gronkowski spoke before a school assembly at Holten Richmond Middle School in Danvers, answering questions about his life and career.

Gronk Goes to School in Danvers

He was asked by one student how he came up with his famous "Gronk Spike," and said it was sort of spontaneous.

"I've always wanted to spike the ball after I score a touchdown," Gronkowski said, but explained that in high school and college, that would have resulted in a 15-yard penalty. "When I got to the NFL, I just started spiking the ball because it was allowed. Basically, it caught on because I started scoring a lot of touchdowns. People thought it was pretty cool."

The kids sure seemed to enjoy the surprise visit.

"Gronk was the best today," one of them said. "He was very active and very energetic. He's humongous."

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