Teen Shot in Boston; 1 Person in Custody

A teenager was shot three times Wednesday in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood, and a suspect is in custody.

The shooting took place near 42 Walnut Park.

"My son is a very strong young man, but at the end of the day, everything that's going on out here," said Eugene Parrish Sr., a resident of the nearby Dorchester neighborhood.

He said he is frustrated with with street violence in Boston after his 19-year-old son, Eugene Parrish Jr., was shot in both legs.

"He said that he came and he seen some kids say something to him about his brother," the elder Parrish said. "They exchanged words and he told the kid we can handle this later because the police is right there. Then after he turns his back, he said, I guess, gunshots rang out."

After being shot, the victim got himself to Boston Medical Center, where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

An officer working a construction detail nearby chased down the suspect as he ran toward Washington Street.

"It seemed like he threw the gun at the policeman and then ran and the policeman took after him," said a construction worker named Gerry.

Outside the laundromat at the corner, some witnesses saw the police chase headed their way.

"I ducked under the table," said one woman named Bunny. "I'm like, 'gunshots, come on now."

"All I seen was police everywhere, jumping out of the cars, and somebody running," said another witness, Lala.

"And then all of a sudden ambulances, helicopters, it was crazy," added Bunny.

The state police air wing circled the neighborhood, as K-9 units walked through yards and in between houses.

Boston Police confirm they took one person into custody a couple of blocks away here on Dixwell Street, easing some anxiety for Parrish's family.

"It's tragic that all this had to happen to him," the victim's father said. "I thank God he's still alive."

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