Salem Hosts Huge Halloween Bash

100,000 people are expected to gather in the city

There are massive crowds around the common in Salem, Massachusetts, this Halloween. It's Possibly the biggest the annual haunted happenings have drawn to date. An estimated 100,000 people are expected to take part.

"We love living here people come from all over the world," said Sue Hallam, a Salem resident.

Many transform the night into a sea of characters. From wolfs and warlocks to scattered skeletons, Salem is full of the spooky and the scary.

"The day after Halloween a lot of us start thinking about what we're going wear next year because some take a long time to put together you need the right pieces. They're really into costumes here," said Hallam.

But ghosts and goblins won't be the only ones present in high numbers. Police will also have a strong presence throughout the night. Something they've been planning for all year.

"We plan for it and have a great operations plan in place and have 200 officers with all types of assets in place between foot patrolmen bikes atvs medical units," said chief Paul Tucker.

As the kids collect their candy and the crowds enjoy the entertainment, police say they are well prepared to ensure everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.

"People love coming here. It's been building over the last 20 years and has reached a crescendo as far as events, people watching, everything has come together here in Salem," Tucker added.

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