Samantha Menino Recalls Her “Poppa”

Longtime Boston Mayor Tom Menino's granddaughter spoke to a room full of his family, friends and colleagues, all grieving his passing.

On a day when an entire city grieved the loss of its former leader, the family of Boston's longest-serving mayor bid a difficult farewell.

Samantha Menino, a granddaughter of former Mayor Tom Menino, fondly recalled her "Poppa."

"Poppa was at his best when he was helping the people he loved. He always made sure he thought about other people before himself," said Samantha Menino. "Every time it snowed out, I called Poppa to make sure he knew school needed to be cancelled."

The mayor's granddaughter shared her memory of the day he announced he would not seek reelection.

"I stopped dead in my applause - who was this guy? Was this my grandfather? My grandfather retiring?" she said. "My whole life, he has been mayor, and I couldn't imagine life without being the mayor's granddaughter. I was almost positive Bostonians would have to throw my grandfather over their shoulder and drag him out of City Hall."

"Poppa, we are so proud of you, and we are who we are because of you," Samantha Menino said through tears. "I promise we will continue to honor you and make you proud."

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