Satanic Temple May Sue Over Boston City Council Invocation

Members of a Satanic Temple are threatening to sue the Boston City Council, as leaders of the group say they're being blocked from praying before council meetings. 

Sammael Wyrmwood says members of the Satanic Temple are still seen as outcasts in mainstream culture. 

"We have people walking around saying we sacrifice babies, we want the world to collapse," said Wyrmwood, leader of the Boston chapter, and he’s constantly trying to change the narrative. 

"There is no member of the Boston chapter that would believe in the devil or god," said Wyrmwood. 

He wonders if the misconception of his group is preventing it from being a part of a long standing tradition of the invocation or prayer before Boston City Council meetings. For the past year, Wyrmwood says the Temple's been shut out. 

"Not only have they failed to separate church and state. They have endorsed and pushed the institution of Christianity," said Wyrmwood. 

Each councilor is allowed to bring someone, usually a priest, rabbi, or imam to bless and encourage the community. City Council president Michelle Wu says all religious traditions are welcome, but they have to be invited. 

"There is a long list of folks all of us want to bring in," she said. 

At-large City Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George says the list is so long some deserving people have to be turned away. 

"I’m not going to be bullied into inviting a particular group," said Essaibi-George. 

Wyrmwood says let everyone pray or don't pray at all. And unless his group is welcome, he’ll be raising some legal hell. 

"We’re hoping for 2018 to have fully-formed demand letter and legal case behind it," said Wyrmwood. 

The city council schedule shows all prayer times are booked for the remainder of the year. 

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