New Seawall to Be Built in Hull, Massachusetts

Cell phone video from past storms shows a giant wave crashing over the seawall at Crescent Beach in Hull, Massachusetts, flooding out the entire area.

Another video shows an arctic tundra, floodwaters iced over and a frozen couch.

"The waves, they just go right over the house. It's amazing," said resident Bill O'Donnell.

Residents say they're pleased it's been quiet lately in their coastal community and that this storm won't be bringing any damage.

Hull Conservation Administrator Anne Herbst said:

"Because this is a very quick storm, the waves won't get a chance to build. When you have twenty foot waves offshore, you have an enormous amount of over-wash and damage here."

To alleviate some of that damage, a new seawall will be built, partly due to a state grant.

It's about a third of a mile long, two feet higher than the original, and replaces the rocks out front.

These are much needed improvements, many say, for an area that doesn't take much to flood-out.

"When a minor nor' easter is forecast we will get splash over here pretty much every time. And if it's considered moderate, it will be major damage," said Herbst.

Bill O Donnell, who's weathered the blizzard of '78 in his house, thinks the wall should be even longer.

Other critics say the wall is too close to their property.

The project is expected to start in the spring and be complete in 4-6 months said Herbst.

It should hopefully also stop Atlantic Ave from flooding out. That's one of only three routes out of town.

Another section of new seawall has been already been completed in town at Stony Beach.

Herbst said, "I think it will bring tremendous peace of mind and safety to people. There's been a lot of property damage here over the years and we've had roads washed out so we're expecting it to really dramatically change this neighborhood."

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