Selectman to Pay, Will Not Be Charged for Painting Crosswalks

A town selectman who painted crosswalks without permission in Billerica, Massachusetts, will no longer face charges.

George Simolaris, a first-term selectman, repainted the faded markings in the town center last month after promising voters in April that he would do so.

"After telling these people, 'yeah it'll be done, it'll be done,' I felt like a liar," he said in July.

Town Manager John Curran said that even though his intentions were good, Simolaris had no right to do this.

"The paint which was put down was not the right kind of paint," said Curran. "It was coming up on some of the cars."

The selectman initially was set to face a misdemeanor charge, but Simolaris has agreed to pay Billerica $4,200 to remove the paint. He will pay $350 a month for 12 months beginning on Sept. 1.

Because he will reimburse the town, Curran has announced that Simolaris would not be charged and that the matter was closed.

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