Sen. Warren: Donald Trump Exposing Ugly Streak in Republican Party

Like many Americans, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has been watching this summer as Donald Trump has dominated the headlines and set the agenda in the 2016 Presidential race.

She is not impressed.

"Donald Trump is exposing a really ugly streak in the whole Republican Party. This idea of calling Mexicans rapists and then women - classifying them as fat pigs and bimbos - this is a piece of American political theater that really, really is ugly," Warren said.

So how does Warren explain the fact that Trump is the GOP frontrunner, packing auditoriums and rising in the polls?

"It's a show. C'mon. Donald Trump gets out there and does his shtick and everybody laughs it up - it's like going to a fireworks show. It doesn't necessarily mean this is where everything is going to land on presidential decisions, but he puts on a show," Warren explained.

Does she think he could be the Republican nominee? "Could be." Would that be her best hope for the Democrats' sake? Warren answered, "No, that would not be my best hope for the country."

Many Democrats, especially of the more liberal variety, feel it is Elizabeth Warren who could generate similar excitement on the Democratic side. But Warren has shown no interest - even as many of her "Draft Warren" followers have started to reluctantly move to support self described socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders who has drawn huge crowds.

Does she ever look at the crowds of people and say those could have been her crowds? Warren says, "No."

Does she ever think she could have been in that position running right now? Warren says, "Nope.

Does Warren leave the slightest crack in the window that she could ultimately decide to run?

"I think I'm doing what I should be doing right now and that is doing my job as United States Senator," Warren said. 

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