Authorities Investigating Fatal Bike Accident in Malden, Massachusetts

Authorities say the male victim was struck by a garbage truck while on a bike

A man riding his bicycle on Lynn Street in Malden, Massachusetts, is dead after being struck and killed by this dump truck in what investigators believe was just a tragic accident.

Convenience store owner Gary Patel says he's haunted by the fact that the victim was inside his store and can be seen on store surveillance video moments before he was killed.

"He buy two cigar and he just leave on bike and it happened a minute later and boom," he said.

Patel said he didn't smell alcohol on the man's breath, but he did see him looking unsteady, losing his balance several times.

"He fell down before he come in the store but then the customer outside he said are you okay," Patel said.

"Gary had asked him several times if he was okay but he didn't really comprehend it was like he wasn't really there, wasn't understanding and he had drool coming out, Gary gave him a napkin, he wiped it, threw it right back on the counter, so he could have been in the middle of an OD maybe or maybe a seizure," Theresa Cronin said.

Witnesses who saw it all unfold were in shock.

"Well we were just going to the store over here the guy was in there, he was going to get some snacks at the store, he went across the street, went over and he fell off his bike and the truck just ran over," James Donovan said.

They say after the man pedaled out into traffic without looking, his bike tipped over on the sidewalk, he fell beneath the garbage truck that was stopped at a red light and despite several cars reportedly trying to get his or the driver's attention the light turned green.

"He didn't stop he just kept going so a car was beeping, beep, beep, beep, and then I come out and I see he just die in a second," Patel said.

Witnesses say they feel bad for the victim but also for the dump truck driver.

"It shows that he didn't do it intentionally, it was probably most likely an accident," Dan Johnson said.

Investigators have not yet identified the victim. They were showing surveillance video of him to witnesses to see if anyone recognized him and asking anyone with any information on the man who was killed or the accident to give police a call.

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