Undercover Police Officer Shoots Suspected Drug Dealer

This occurred around noon in Lynn, Massachusetts, on Monday

An undercover police officer shot a suspected drug dealer in Lynn, Massachusetts, on Monday. 

According to investigators, two undercover police officers witnessed a drug deal on Jefferson Street around 12 p.m. One of the officers arrested the alleged buyers, but the alleged dealer began driving towards the officer.

The District Attorney says the officer fired his weapon after the suspect tried to run him over. He fired one bullet through the windshield, hitting the suspect in the head.

"The suspected dealer who is a 23-year-old Boston man was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital where he underwent surgery and is currently in extremely critical condition," Jonathan Blodgett, the Essex County District Attorney explained.

The car continued to move forward, striking the officer and a female motorist in a passing SUV.

"The police officer was taken by ambulance to Salem Hospital and was treated and released," Blodgett explained.

The officer who fired his weapon is an 18-year veteran of the force. The police chief says he has an exemplary record, but the DA will fully investigate.

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