Snow Slams New England

In Worcester, Massachusetts, and other parts of the region, snow was falling quickly Saturday evening and making roads slick.

Snow is falling quickly in much of New England Saturday evening, making the roadways slick and impacting driving conditions.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, Department of Public Works inspectors were on the road since around 3:30 p.m.

Salt trucks have been treating major thoroughfares in that city.

Manager Tom Pechinis of Jerry's Hardware, however, explains that his business needs days like these.

"The more misery, the busier we are," he said. "Hopefully, no one gets hurt or anything, but the miserable weather is good for business."

While the amount of snowfall is limited, NECN meteorologist Joe Joyce explains that the ground is so cold that the snow is sticking immediately and making the roads slipperier.

In Connecticut, meanwhile, police responded to several crashes as snow continued to fall.

NECN will have more as this story develops.

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