Spaulding Rehabilitation Patients Train for Boston Marathon

Patients and practitioners from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital will be running in the Boston Marathon. In preparation of the big day, the team is getting in a practice run on this Saturday.

"Everybody's confidence level is pretty high," said Spaulding Rehab President David Storto.

The practice run started at the hospital in Charlestown, and ran across the Massachusetts Avenue bridge.

Storto added, "I see all the work that my patients go through."

This is physical therapist Sharon Purcell's first marathon.

"It's just a long process. We're at the end of it now and I'm kind of excited," said Purcell. 

Many of the physicians, nurses and therapists have worked closely with Boston Marathon victims. It's now been three years since the attacks, and the road to recovery for those patients and so many others goes on.

There are 65 runners on the Spaulding team, and the team has raised about a half-million dollars so far.

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