Steve Martin Is Guest Curator at Boston's MFA

Believe it or not, comedian and actor Steve Martin knows a little something about art.

"You'd assume that top panel there, I'd say about 52 degrees, wouldn't you say?" Martin quipped. "So that's a Boston summer, right?"

He's still cracking jokes, but this time, it's not on stage - it's at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Martin says he's always had an appreciation for art, and over the past three years, he's curated a collection of Canadian artwork from artist Lawren Harris.

"He's the only artist that I can conceive of curating, because his masterpieces all in Canada are known," he said. "They're unknown in America, and this show will become full-blown to America."

Starting Saturday, the collection will be on display on the wall of the MFA. The artwork is full of vibrant colors, creating abstract forms of Canadian glaciers and other outdoor scenery.

Art enthusiasts will be amazed to know Martin is making history by bringing the paintings to Boston.

"This collection of Harris' has never been together before," he said. "This is his cream of the crop."

If you'd like to hear more about the artwork from Steve Martin, you can catch him at the museum Saturday night from 7-8 p.m., and the event is open to the public.

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